We’re always looking for pitches for written pieces and visual art. Our written pieces are normally 800-1500 words and fall into one of the following categories: reviews, essaysinterviews, and lists.


Every third month, we publish a themed issue. Pieces for our issues also tend to be 800-1500 words and fall into one of the above categories. Submissions for our winter issue are now closed, but stay tuned for the announcement of our spring theme in mid-January.

If you’re a visual artist who’s interested in designing one of our future issue covers, you can reach us at the email below.


  • Please familiarize yourself a bit with the site and/or see our About page for more information about Reel Honey’s mission.
  • Using our search function, be sure to double-check that your idea hasn’t already been covered on the site. (We welcome multiple pieces on the same film or series, so long as they’re distinct enough from one another.)
  • Please send a sample of your work with your pitch, if possible. This can be a published clip, an academic essay, a blog post, etc.
  • Please include your pitch in the body of your email, rather than as an attachment.
  • We welcome both pitches and finished drafts, but highly recommend sending a pitch first to confirm that your idea isn’t already being covered.
  • Feel free to mention in your email how you found the site! (We’re interested!)
  • All pitches and queries can be directed to
  • Please allow us at least a week to get back to you.